Why Most Martial Arts Training Won't Stop a Haymaker From Knocking You Out Cold ...

... And How You Can Fix That!

Hey, martial arts enthusiasts, 

Patrick Vuong here, co-founder of Tiga Tactics.

If learning to protect yourself against a REAL suckerpunch when you’re 40 or older is something you’ve been worried about, then this letter could be the difference between getting home safely and bashing your skull against the concrete after getting knocked the f%#k out!

See, when my co-founder and cousin, Dr. Conrad Bui, first started martial arts in the '80s … 

… he wanted something that would actually protect him when push comes to shove, starting with a black belt in American Freestyle Karate.

But the problem that Conrad ran into after studying (and mastering) 8 different martial arts styles was that he could NOT see any of them helping him out if someone actually tried to give him a concussion.

Not even when he became a kru in Muay Thai

… and not even when he became a guru in Indonesian Silat, a VERY brutal close-quarters fighting system with and without weapons!

By the time Conrad picked up multiple master ranks in martial arts, he was still pretty scared of the off-chance he might run into a psycho who could surprise him with a suckerpunch and beat him black and blue …

Because Conrad already knew that most street attacks — whether armed or not — DON'T look like something that he’d trained for in a dojo or a studio…

… he knows that most street attacks look like this:

Watch Intro Video

Warning: Video Contains Graphic Violence

Viewer Discretion Advised

He knows that most criminals do NOT like to make it obvious, because …

… The Best Kind of Haymaker Isn't Seen. It's Felt!

In fact, the majority of our combined decades of research showed us that MOST suckerpunches happen the way they do in the above video!

On top of that, during our research, we came across this crazy story about an assistant basketball coach at Wake Forest University who got into a road rage incident.

It's a crazy (but true) story because that coach ended up throwing a punch and …

that ONE punch was enough to KILL his victim!

The icing on the cake? 

The victim was only 35 years old. Not the kind of age you’d expect a man to die from a single punch, but he did.

This had us pretty concerned (read: SCARED) …

So Conrad started getting obsessed with figuring out the strategies, skills, and mentality of a street thug …

… and started deep-diving into everything he’d learned over 40 years: the mastery in 8 different martial arts styles, the time he worked as a bar bouncer in college, and every bit of raw footage of street attacks he could find …

… and it hit him that, instead of finding a martial arts or self-defense system that could help him protect himself against a surprise haymaker …

... He'd have to MAKE his own system.

Conrad figured out that the problem with most forms of traditional punch defense is that the instructor doesn’t teach what’s actually effective for three reasons ...

The First Reason: Lack of Evolution

Some traditional martial arts systems we’ve seen still like to train like they’re from a time before the horse and buggy — let alone the Ford Mustang … 

… and it’s because of that that their tactics and techniques are INSANELY OUTDATED! 

Don’t get me wrong, they have their place if you’re studying a martial art for the culture and history … 

… but if they really haven’t developed more modernized moves, it’s not in the streets! 

Now, before you decide to break out any pitchforks, I just wanna say, it’s 100% OK to keep training what you’re training in now …

… but getting the most out of it means being painfully honest with whether or not it’ll actually help you save your life.

The Second Reason: Lack of Experience

A lot of the time, you could end up learning your street combatives from someone who’s never been punched in the face!

Now, I’m NOT saying that you should go looking for a guy who’s got missing teeth and cauliflower ear …

… but you definitely wanna stay skeptical when your instructor starts showing you punch defenses if they look like they’ve never been in shoving match — let alone an actual fight!

There are ways to get around the whole experience barrier … which you’ll learn about with our training methodology.

But overall, beware the unchallenged instructor who never pressure tests his techniques.

The Third Reason: Lack of Education

Sometimes, it’s as simple as checking out some YOUTUBE VIDEOS! 


But, for some reason, a lot of people … don’t.

And it just so happens that some of those people are martial arts instructors, which confused the living crap out of me and Conrad.

I mean … some of them are teaching people how to protect themselves. Why wouldn’t they keep up with what’s going on in violent crime?!

By this point, Conrad had seen enough, so he decided enough was enough and developed what would become Tiga Tactics.

And after training in his system and pressure-testing it with good training partners, Conrad finally knew that he’d hit gold!

Now, Conrad’s actually confident he can defend himself if some lunatic tries to knock him out with a suckerpunch.

The days where he used to be more than scared of a haymaker are gone!

By combining his 42 years of martial arts knowledge …

bar bouncing experience

… along with the sleep-depriving amounts of research he took on …

… Conrad went from being a potential victim relying on luck to a well-trained, responsible citizen!

But Conrad also knew that other people can use the same exact system that he was able to develop after 42 years in martial arts …

WITHOUT having to learn the hard way.

And without dealing with that lingering doubt hanging over their heads that they might just end up in the intensive care unit.

The only problem left for Conrad was to figure out how he wanted to share the system …

… because Conrad’s a world-class martial arts master, and he’s a great chiropractic doctor …

… but he knew that going on a mission to share effective combatives isn’t a one-man show.

He knew he’d need someone who’s experienced in filmmaking, fight choreography, and mass communication. Someone who knows how to make a video tutorial look good and clear.

So he enlisted my help for that.

Personally, I think it helps that I’m also a martial arts nerd who has instructor-level ranks in 4 different systems, including Kenpo Karate, Ed Parker’s BRUTAL close-quarters fighting system!

I've also spent years studying criminology and stats on street violence.

And, for almost 2 decades, I've written for and edited various self-defense magazines, including Black Belt Magazine and Recoil Magazine.

Anyhoo, after putting our heads together and combing through our 12 different fighting systems …

… Conrad’s time as a bar bouncer, ducking haymakers and stopping drunken frat guys …

… and the hundreds of hours of footage we could get our hands on for street attacks …

… we figured out that, if you want to train good self-defense …

… your best option is to find an instructor who’s willing to PRESSURE TEST what they teach you — whether that's with a good training methodology or, God forbid, actually scrapping with people who tried to send them home in a body bag!

It’s because most martial arts training that we’ve seen is UNREALISTIC and MORE LIKELY to inflate someone’s ego than it is to save their life.

Instead of training in a way that’s more likely to land you in a hospital (or worse) …

… you’d be better off training in something that actually works and trains in a way that’ll get you ready if someone tries to catch you with a suckerpunch!

So, with that in mind, we developed a self-defense system that we've been teaching people across the country ever since, and here's what a few of them had to say ...

Like Arwen D. from California, who said:

“What I liked was that you broke it down to really simple things so I can walk out of here remembering it. And I like that you did the research — that’s much more useful than anything like this that I’ve been to before.”

Or Sherman Chin, a 7th-degree black belt in Kajukenbo, who said:

“The simplicity of the techniques is what really impresses me…"

There's also Dr. Scott Sobel, a 5th-degree black belt in Aikido, who had this to say about Conrad's self-defense instruction:

"He draws from an endless pool of knowledge gathered from some of the greatest living instructors. His excellent teaching style makes it easy to learn even the most advanced concepts. Whether you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned high level instructor, there is something for everyone."

That kind of positive feedback to our system helped us keep fine-tuning it in a way that works for folks like you.

Here’s what you’ll get if you decide it’s for you ...

You’ll Learn A Self-Defense System That You Can Train In Even If You’re Injured!

When it comes to self-defense training, Conrad and I believe that even light training beats no training, so long as you’re honest about it!

With that said, we like to make sure that, if you’re gonna train, you get the most out of it, and that usually means training with a good amount of resistance.

But, for the days you can’t go all-out (whether that’s because you’re injured or recovering from brutal training already), we developed the progressive training system for Tiga Tactics!

Here’s how it works.

First, You Practice the Techniques Solo

This is kinda like the kata or forms phase. You just “shadowbox” the technique we teach you to get familiar with the motions.

It’s kinda like weight-lifting. You get the form right FIRST, and then we’ll add in resistance later!

Next, You Practice the Techniques On A Compliant Partner

This is where a good number of martial arts schools get stuck unless they’re teaching combat sports, but practicing on a compliant partner has its place!

When you’re practicing on a compliant partner, it’s all in getting familiar with how it’s gonna feel on an actual human body. 

Still important, and if you’re too injured to work with a resisting opponent, it's worth practicing so that your skills aren’t too shot for when you recover! 

But after that … 

You’ll Wanna Practice On A Resistant Partner! 

Many schools of martial arts and combatives NEVER make it here! 

But this is CRITICAL if you’re studying to defend yourself, because otherwise, you’ll never know how well your training actually works.

Now, with our resistance training, your partner isn’t gonna try to smack you bare-knuckled in the face like you're in a no-holds-barred bout …

… but they WILL try to throttle you around like a ragdoll and break off from you so they can punch you again!

After That, You Get To Train With Pads!

Pads are some of our favorite tools to help you build up that stopping power you need to knock an attacker down long enough to get away!

It’s a great way to practice the three kinds of strikes we’ll show you so that you can actually feel yourself hitting something and get used to it. 

And the best part is, if you’re injured to the point that training all-out doesn’t help you … 

… but you feel like you can still train … 

… all you have to do is progress your training to whatever is comfortable until you can go all-out again! 

Our progressive training methods make it easy for you to get up and put in the work, so that you can build up the skills you need …

… even if you can’t go all-out because of an injury! 

Besides that, we’ve found a way to train you WITHOUT getting in the way of your other martial arts training.

Because Of How Our Simple Self-Defense System Works, You Can Train Without Having to Unlearn Everything!

You remember how I mentioned that Conrad has 8 different advanced instructor ranks?

One of those was in Muay Thai …

 … and a few others were in internal martial arts (Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xing Yi)!

Can you picture having to kinda dump all the Muay Thai out the door to learn Bagua?

Or dumping all the internal arts to learn Muay Thai?

Chances are, you’ve probably been there, done that with the systems you’ve learned …

… but that WON'T be the case here.

Because of how simple our self-defense system is, you can take the principles we teach you …

… and apply it to YOUR art, even if you aren’t using the exact same movements!

That way, you don’t have to dump one system in favor of the other, or try to Frankenstein some kind of hybrid system together …

… because we already did the work for you by developing our P.R.O.tect System!

Picture this: you’re just enjoying a day to yourself, out and about, when suddenly, some with rage issues comes at you with his fist cocked back!

You’ve been training for awhile, so you have a bunch of different ways to respond to this.

So, naturally, you wanna choose the best option.

Here’s what the best option looks like ...

It Starts With P — Protection

This is pretty simple stuff; all you do is STOP the other guy from knocking you out.

Some schools of thought love to block and strike at the same time …

… but we’ve tried that in just regular training and it didn’t work too well for us.

We’d either miss our strike, or our training partner would blow right through our block and smash us anyway.

So just picture how horribly wrong it can go if someone tries to block-and-strike in an actual surprise attack!

And that’s because of how the block-and-strike works. 

See, besides having a LOT of power behind a haymaker (even if they’re kinda telegraphed), trying to block and strike at the same time forces you to divide your attention …

 … and that means between your block or your strike, something’s gotta give.

Chances are, even if you’re able to fire off a block-and-strike, you could end up having a weak enough block for their haymaker to blast right through and find your face!

That’s why, with our Protection Phase, it’s a defensive move to STOP the punching FIRST before they give you a concussion.

The Next Step is R — Reposition

When we talk about repositioning, it’s something that you’ll get as a martial artist.

The issue is, most people try to protect themselves … 

… but because no one taught them how, they fail to stop the suckerpunch by moving to where they can shut down the attack! 

It’s really SIMPLE, too, so just imagine how untrained someone has to be not to move to where they can actually do some damage. 

Because, see, one thing we found out about self-defense is how counterintuitive it can be … 

… and with Repositioning, we found out that it’s safer to move forward as you’re stopping the punching!

This actually puts you in that striking distance to control their arm …

and to beat them up just enough to give you time to run.

We Finish With Offense, and Flip the Script on the Attacker!

We already mentioned it earlier, but once you’ve protected and repositioned yourself, it’s time to take the fight to the psycho.

At this point, once you’ve taken control of their punching arm, that’s when you bring out the three strikes and one technique that we like to use that’s high-percentage and high-damage! 

The best part about the one technique is that you DON'T need to be fast or strong to use it. 

All you need is decent placement and the technique will go a long way to making your attacker regret at least one decision in their life! 

Plus …

And Because of How Simple It Is, You Don’t Need to Put in Several Hours Per Week!

You’re already a seasoned martial artist. 

You’ve already put in serious time into your craft, training what you love.

So, why should a self-defense system take that away from you?

Instead of putting in hours of your life that you could spend training in other martial arts …

… or doing stuff with the people you love …

… Punch Proof 1.0 only needs 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week  which is about the length of a lunch break for your typical worker!

With our combined 60+ years of experience, we put together all the key concepts and techniques from the 12 different fighting arts we’ve mastered …

… and put it together into an effective system that’ll help you train without having to unlearn what you already know, leaving you free to keep doing what you love!

Besides That, You DON’T Need To Be in the Best Shape of Your Life!

Though being athletic helps, you don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime to make Punch Proof work for you.

In fact, there was one time when one of our students, Sherman Chin, brought his wife along to train with us at one of our seminars.

Now, Sherman’s wife had NO experience in martial arts. She’d never even held a focus mitt before in her life!

And, we can tell you right now, Mrs. Chin isn’t competing in any decathlons anytime soon; she works out about as much as your average middle-aged American does.

Nothing amazing, but we were still able to train her in our system all the same, to the point that she started moving like her husband by the time we were through. 

The kicker to this was that Sherman himself is a 7th-degree black belt in Kajukenbo!

So, if our training can help a fish-out-of-water housewife move like her black-belt husband, just imagine what that’ll do for you.

And with how we filmed it, you can make sure that you’re actually learning the stuff we teach you.

Our Programs are Filmed and Edited by a Seasoned Content Creator ...

... So You’ll Always Get Crystal-Clear Breakdowns of our Techniques!

You’ve been around long enough to know that the Internet is a really fickle creature …

… and, sometimes, that connection can be about as strong as two cans tied to a string! 

So, you already know that, when it comes to video quality, a fickle internet connection can make it grainier than something from the early '90s. 

This isn’t such a bad thing when you’re reminiscing old memories … 

… but when you’re learning self-defense, you want maximum clarity!

That’s why, with my experience in videography, stuntwork, and mass media, we made sure to break down all our techniques and tactics into a few different angles … 

… all of which are up close and personal, getting rid of your need to second-guess what exactly you’re seeing! 

By Filming Our Techniques at Different Angles Instead of Using Bite-Sized Cutaways, You’ll Get the Exact Breakdown You Need for Our Techniques 

So, no more second-guessing … 

… no having to solve a riddle for what we meant when we demonstrate some kind of technique or tactic … 

… and no having to spend extra time trying to piece together what we’re teaching you.

Instead, all you have to do is keep on training with our (almost) personalized breakdowns of our tactics and techniques!

Granted, nothing beats in-person training ...

... but with our breakdowns, you'll get a really close second with the kind of attention to detail that you deserve from two veteran martial arts instructors.

So, if you want in on the training that we do…

Here's Your Chance to Sign Up Today ...

... and Get Up to $663 in Bonuses!

With recent events blindsiding everyone and forcing most of us to stay home, you’re probably not making one of our seminars anytime soon …

So, instead, we put together the next best thing: our online course, Punch Proof 1.0

And if you act now and sign up today, here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Smart, progressive training that doesn’t overload you OR leave you bored … and that's adjustable to YOUR capabilities ...

    ... letting you train, even when you're injured.
  • The Laws of Stupid: We’re BIG on situational awareness, and too often, a little bit of situational awareness goes a LONG way to keeping you safe and in one piece.

    So, to cover a topic that makes situational awareness EASIER to apply, Conrad goes over what he likes to call “The Laws of Stupid” and how not to break any of them (hint: there are FOUR things to look out for)

  • The 5 telltale signs of a suckerpunch and what you can do to make finding them second-nature. 

    We mentioned before that seeing an attack coming is insanely hard ...

    ... but, with our research, we've also figured out the MOST COMMON SIGNS that someone's about to smash you in the head.

  • Pressure-tested techniques and tactics from our combined experience and research (as well as a stint as a bouncer) to give you tools that actually work when you need them to ...

    ... and that DON'T get in the way of your previous and/or current training, freeing you up to enjoy what you already do!

  • Our (kinda) counter-intuitive answer to the suckerpunch: You deserve training that’s relevant to how someone will ACTUALLY knock you into next year!

    With our training program, you’ll know exactly what to do to stop someone from beating you to death, even if they manage to get the drop on you (at first).

  • No "Tough Guys" Rule: You’ve either seen enough of that with the gyms you’ve been to or you WILL see enough of that with some of the marketing that goes on for martial arts and self-defense.

    Instead, you’ll get to train with a couple of martial arts nerds who happen to have 60+ years of combined self-defense experience and who love a good conversation.

Here's a look at what you can expect from Punch Proof ...

Course Curriculum

Almost two dozen video lessons to armor your arsenal against a suckerpunch

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Life-Saving Knowledge

    • Introduction to Punch Proof

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Street-Effective Tactics

    • Introduction to the P.R.O.tect System

    • Two Types of Attacks

    • Overview of the P.R.O.tect System

    • Protection Phase: In-Depth

    • Reposition Phase: In-Depth

    • Offense Phase: In-Depth

    • Conclusion

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Realistic & Progressive Training

    • Introduction to Training

    • Solo Training

    • Partner Training

    • Static Partner Training

    • Dynamic Partner Training

    • Focus Mitt Training

    • Kicking Shield Training

    • Heavy Bag Training

    • Bonus Drill: Scenario Training

    • Conclusion

    • Other Courses

    • Connect With Us Online

    • Credit Where Credit is Due

But we think our three volumes of comprehensive combatives training is what you’re supposed to be getting when you sign up for good self-defense in the first place. 

So, to make sure you have everything you need, and then some …

… if you’re one of the first 20 people to enroll today, we will also throw in $663 IN BONUSES for you! 

Here’s what you’ll get as BONUSES if you buy Punch Proof today:

Toolbox 1.0 Course ($250 value): This is an additional course focused on how to sharpen the four most street-effective strikes you'll ever need to end a fight quickly. (Well, technically, they're 3 strikes and 1 technique.)  

By the way, the 1 technique doesn’t need speed or power. Just good enough placement to make attackers regret at least one decision in their lives.

Tiga Tactics Hand Target ($50 value): Made by Century Martial Arts, our custom-made high-quality focus mitt features durable nylon, dense foam, and our logo in the center.

Order today and you'll also get this sent to your doorstep.

Safety glasses ($25 value): The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs, and that's why they're one of our primary targets. But we can't teach you how to strike them without first safeguarding your vision. To make that a non-issue for you, we’ll deliver a pair of safety-rated 3M eye protection if you buy Punch Proof today.

These glasses have an impact rating of ANSI Z87+, so they won't shatter upon impact and help keep your eyes working so you can see when your training partner's coming at you.

Instruction Manual eBook ($100 value): The worst thing that can happen to someone who’s training is for them to get confused.

And, sometimes, you probably won’t have the luxury of using our training videos. So, to solve that, we put together a 124-page training manual (with pictures) so that you can take your training with you, even when you can’t train with video and sound!

With step-by-step instructions on how to train and what to train, you’ll get the clarity you need to make our program work for you instead of fumbling around in the dark.

Quick-Start Guide PDF ($15 value): Ever taken an online course and got confused? So have we! That’s why we’re sending easy-to-understand guide that sets you up for success in learning Punch Proof.

Tiga Tactics Big Morale Patch ($20 value): Have you ever wanted a way to mark your bag or jacket as uniquely yours? Now you can make your bag noticeably different with our morale patch, which features the Tiga Tactics logo with a Velcro backing for easy attachment and removal. It's made of rubber-like PVC and has a 3D-like aesthetic.

Stickers ($6 value): Place these UV-resistant, waterproof stickers on your car, notebook, or ammo can. If you have children, these can make a fun little gift for them to decorate things with while you train.

$100 Gift Certificate for a Tiga Tactics Seminar: We get that it’s not always easy for you to get the money together to learn self-defense from a pro instructor.

So, to make things easier for you to learn from us LIVE, we’re throwing in a $100 gift certificate to any Tiga Tactics in-person seminar of your choice! That way, if we happen to be in your area at the right time, you can train with us for a lot less cash than what a seminar ticket usually costs.

Membership to Our Exclusive Facebook Group ($97 value): Team Tiga Tactics is a Facebook group for our students, alumni, instructors, and trusted allies — a private group you can join only by invitation.

This allows you to interact with us daily without prying eyes, to get insider content shown before the public sees it (or not at all), and to receive exclusive discounts for future courses, products, and training. Enroll today and you'll be invited into this exclusive club.

Now, here’s why we said "the first 20 people" ... 

... that’s how many of each hand targets and safety glasses we have remaining at this time to help you make the most of your training!

With that said, Punch Proof is the result of us putting our heads together, filtering through 60+ years of martial arts experience, security experience, and self-defense training to teach you the skills you would need to protect yourself, and we’re not just talking about the nutjob who'll throw random suckerpunches, either.

Protecting yourself properly can save you up to thousands of dollars in legal fees along with medical bills ...

... And, in a society where suing someone has become the norm, not the exception, it helps if you know the right kind of moves to protect yourself past step 1 (the attacker).

And, sadly, it’s not out of the ordinary for instructors to charge a premium, even if their videos don’t quite give you all the info you need to be able to defend yourself!

As a result, while Punch Proof and its bonuses would typically cost $1,263 ...

… if you order today, we won’t charge you that much…

… in fact, we won’t even charge you $1,000!

If you order today, we can give you everything we just covered …

… for ONLY $600.

That's a TOTAL SAVINGS of $663!

Now, at this point, you have two choices with Punch Proof 1.0 ...

You Can Set Punch Proof Aside And Go Back To Your Usual Routine

And you can take your chances with the training you already have.

In fact, you might even be able to figure out how to weave in our self-defense principles with what you’re learning right now to make your system work for you and your students!

If you’ve already been in martial arts for at least 10, 20, maybe even 30 years, it wouldn’t be hard for you to do.

But personally, if you’re still reading this, I think you owe it to yourself and maybe even your students to give yourselves a better fighting chance instead of trying to reverse-engineer everything into something that works

… because that’s a chance that puts your students back at home with their loved ones, where they belong …

… instead of potentially lying on the concrete UNCONSCIOUS, with the last person they ever saw being their attacker!

And that’s also the kind of expertise that’ll keep your students with you for longer, because now they know that you’re being honest about your martial arts training …

… instead of leaving them with doubts, like how Conrad ended up at one point.

So, because of that, I feel obligated to share Punch Proof with you … and that’s option #2.

You Can Take That First Step To A Proven, Street-Effective Self-Defense System …

… and give the people you care about the security that they deserve!

You can give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your students can handle themselves and come back to their families with a pulse …

… and you can do that just by setting aside 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, with a self-defense system we’ve already figured out for you … 

… instead of having to figure everything out yourself!

Just picture your martial arts students thanking you for taking the time to tack on an already fully-developed self-defense system they can learn from you without having to reverse-engineer everything!

Imagine the kind of confidence and peace of mind you’d give them from knowing self-defense that doesn’t fall apart when they’re up against an ACTUAL attacker!

That’s what this program can do for you and your students.

So, if having that peace of mind that your students will come out of a suckerpunch attack with their face in one piece sounds good to you, go ahead and click the red button below to order today!

... by getting the whole package (a value of $1263) for ONLY $600!

But, if you’re still a little iffy for any reason, it gets BETTER.

If, for any reason, you put in the order, you go through Punch Proof, it doesn’t match up to what you want in self-defense, and you don't like our support on our private Facebook group, you can email us at info@tigatactics.com

Tell us what’s wrong with the program, send back the physical bonus materials, and we'll give you a refund — minus the cost of sending you the physical bonuses — after we receive the physical bonus materials back from you …

no questions asked, and we'll still part ways as friends!

That's how confident we are that you'll value this life-saving course.

So, if you’ve gotten to this point, and you’d like solid self-defense training that you access for a lifetime

… and only pay the same amount as a few months of martial arts training at a dojo (while keeping it for a lifetime), go ahead and buy it by clicking the red button below!

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We’ll see you on the other side, and until then …

Stay alert, stay humble, and stay kind,

Patrick Vuong


P.S. — Just to clear things up, we’ve got a new online course that you can use to train you and your loved ones in simple, effective self-defense.

You only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week to get good. 

On top of that, if you’re one of the first 20 to order, you’ll get $663 dollars in bonuses to help you train up faster!


P.P.S. — We ALSO have a Heroes Discount for first responders, law enforcement,  military, veterans, and frontline healthcare workers! 

Just email us at info@tigatactics.com and let us know which field you’re from to get a 15% discount off our listed price!

P.P.P.S. — If you wanna know how well our training’s worked for other people, check out what our students have to say below ...


Doug Dickens

U.S. Army Veteran — Maryland

“I want to thank you for a great class and for influencing me in a profound way.... Thank you for motivating me to get off of my rear-end and exercise my mind, body, and spirit.“

Arwen D.

Engineer — California

"What I liked was that you broke it down to really simple things so I can walk out of here remembering it. And I like that you did the research — that’s much more useful than anything like this that I’ve been to before."

Shermin Chin

7th-Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo

"The simplicity of the techniques is what really impresses me."

Dr. Scott Sobel

5th-Degree Black Belt in Aikido

"Dr. Conrad Bui draws from an endless pool of knowledge gathered from some of the greatest living instructors. His excellent teaching style makes it easy to learn even the most advanced concepts. Whether you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned high level instructor, there is something for everyone."

... and experience what your students already have!


Questions & Answers About Tiga Tactics Combatives


    There are many, many good combatives instructors out there, and everyone has their own approach. We understand we are not law enforcement nor military contractors, but we believe this makes us more accessible and relatable to the average person. We are also not macho or tough guys.

    In fact, we are nerds and honor students with college degrees (one of us even has a doctorate degree) who love martial arts and love to see people gain confidence and fitness while learning to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    In choosing who to learn from, check their background. What is our background? Read below. We are confident you will be hard pressed to find a whole cadre of teachers with the following experience, let alone just two:

    Dr. Conrad Bui
    • 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and American Freestyle Karate
    • Instructor/Coach in Muay Thai
    • Guro (Full Instructor) in Nubreed Kali
    • Guru (Full Instructor) in Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Kuntao Silat deThouars
    • Sigung (Master Level) in Ying Lung Hsing
    • Sifu (Full Instructor) in Jeet Kune Do Concepts
    • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Former bar bouncer
    • Published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, and Recoil Offgrid Magazine
    • Doctor of Chiropractic

    Patrick Vuong
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
    • Authorized Instructor in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Instructor of Aegis Personal Protection Systems’ Women's Self-Defense since 2008
    • Founder and Head Instructor of the CSUF Martial Arts Fitness Class
    • Current student of Pentjak Silat Serak, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Editor and published writer/photographer in Black Belt Magazine, Recoil Magazine, Recoil Offgrid Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, and Survival Dispatch Magazine.
    • Tactical firearms training under various elite instructors, including law enforcement and former members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces


    Tiga Tactics Combatives pulls the very best from ancient arts as well as modern day research and training. Nothing new with that, but many teachers (past and present) trained in only one or two systems and then dabbled (or even just watched videos and read books) in other systems, extracting what they “thought” was useful from those arts.

    We think it is irresponsible to just dabble in a system (any system) and believe to have enough knowledge to extract what is “believed” to be functional.

    It would be like a white belt teaching you what is effective in that particular system, yet that is what many teachers have done — they may excel at one or two systems, dabbled in five others and profess to tell you what is legit in their “dabbled” arts.

    We spent not just years, but decades of training in each of our arts — distilling just the most effective concepts to create Tiga Tactics Combatives. When we say we took a certain technique or training method from an art, you can be certain that the technique or training method was thoroughly researched to black belt level and in certain arts, to master levels.

    We did it all; we trained, we competed, we ranked up, we mastered, we bounced, and we researched street violence to bring you Tiga Tactics Combatives.

    Here are the sources for Tiga Tactic’s Combatives curriculum and what we extracted, filtered, and refined to bring to you something that is new, unique, and totally Tiga Tactics:

    Tae Kwon Do/ American Free-Style Karate/ Point Sparring:
    • The concept of hitting-without-getting-hit from point sparring.
    • A fight is a physical activity; be fit if you want to fight.

    Jeet Kune Do Concepts:
    • “Using no style as style” — we consider ourselves martial artists without borders.
    • Pressure test — like Bruce Lee said, “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.”
    • Constant learning and unlearning — We started with a mountain of martial arts experience (where as some started with a mole hill) and CUT out so much fluff that Tiga Tactics Combatives drew blood.
    • Being an “open-minded skeptic” allowed us to see things more clearly and honestly.
    • Research — martial arts is a science and therefore can be studied as such with hypothesis, labs, and (perhaps most importantly) tests.

    Nubreed Kali
    • Stick — attack and defense concepts and techniques
    • Knife — attack and defense concepts and techniques

    Pentjak Silat Serak
    • Fights happen in close range
    • Triangle principles — for awareness, footwork, combat tactics, and techniques
    • Elbow strikes
    • Flinch response shown in the forms

    Kuntao Silat de Thouars
    • Solid base — from old-school Kung Fu training or you may end up on your ass
    • Explosiveness — power striking is what gets the job done
    • Constant training and physical development are a necessity, especially if you want to keep your tools sharp and age well

    Ying Lung Hsing (made up of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing Yi):
    • Tai Chi principle of “Go slow to go fast” — as they say in the military, “slow is smooth and smooth is FAST.”
    • Slow training for warm-up and proper body mechanics
    • Put the entire body into each strike — engage the core and use inertia
    • “Fighting requires speed but first the internal demands slowness. Violence requires power, but first the internal requires softness.”

    Thai Boxing:
    • Train both attack and defense
    • The Helmet — covering your head and keeping your eyes open and strong
    • Drilling in a safe and realistic way develops pattern recognition, timing, distancing, and targeting
    • Elbows and knees — thrusting the hips to generate power
    • Clinching — controlling, sensitivity, and drills
    • Progressive drilling
    • Majority of training and sparring is done safely and with control; technical sparring can still make you deadly
    • Your attacker is not going to just stand there; deal with their counter attacks and put that into your drills
    • Live training to pressure test your techniques
    • Focus mitt — targeting and contact
    • Thai pads — some targeting and more contact
    • Kicking shield — minor targeting and major contact
    • Body Opponent Bag — targeting and FULL contacting
    • Heavy bag — little targeting and FULL contact
    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling
    • Stay all the way out or all the way in
    • Figure out their attack and have a logical way to deal with it
    • Position before submission — get to a safe location before unloading your offense (our P.R.O.tect System)
    • Live training to test your techniques and tactics
    • Use technique and leverage, not brute strength
    • There is always a way out no matter what position or submission you find yourself in.

    Online Videos: Studied the most common attacks on the street
    • Suckerpunch, knife stabbing, club attacks and firearms
    • Untrained attackers have a predictable way of attacking not commonly taught in the dojo or gym.
    • The skill of an average attacker is similar to that of a middle school student, because most people do not train or even think about violence.
    • Attackers do not just stop and give up after one counterattack — in other words, they keep on coming in a predictable manner.
    • Attacks are often fast, violent, and in close range

    • Weakness of the human anatomy
    • Strengths of the human anatomy
    • Biomechanics and physiology

    Night Club Security / Bouncer
    • Situational awareness
    • Verbal de-escalation
    • Multiple attacker tactics

    Aegis Personal Protection Systems Women’s Self-Defense
    • Three Pillars of Personal Protection: knowledge, tactics, and training
    • Personal safety starts first with smart lifestyle choices

    Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Edged weapon combatives
    • Slash to thrust and thrust to slash
    • Slashes maim, thrusts kill
    • Stick combatives
    • The universal applications can be used with a pen, flashlight, etc.
    • Pangamut — Knife techniques can translate to empty-hand strikes
    • Triangle footwork — moving to engage and disengage

    Lai Chung Chuan Fa
    • Southern Shaolin Kung Fu stance work — deep stable stances and assured footing
    • Dirty fighting — groin shots and eye gouges
    • Traditional weapons like spear, Kwan Do, Butterfly Swords — can be applied to broom strike, cane, and other modern-day objects

    Kenpo Karate
    • Toughen the body — develop discipline, fitness, endurance, and the ability to endure pain
    • Point sparring, semi-contact sparring, and full-contact sparring — Take the “swimming lessons on dry land” and put them to the test in shallow water, the deep end, and the ocean

    Tactical Firearms Training
    • High-Risk Dignitary Protection training — understanding how ambushes happen and how to prevent and stop them
    • Pressure testing physiological responses to fear using physical conditioning and force-on-force training
    • Handgun fundamentals and advanced tactics
    • AR-15 fundamentals and advanced tactics


    Despite our decades of martial arts research and thousands of dollars spent on training, we still felt insecure when it came to street violence. That was frustrating to say the least.

    Sure, we could win trophies by kicking someone in the head and we could earn medals by slapping on a submission during an intense Jiu-Jitsu match, but we were still insecure about an actual STREET encounter.

    We were honest with ourselves and did not ignore the insecurity and frustrations like many teachers do. How do we know? Because we used to be those teachers who thought all was good with our training. We would think the system we trained in had all the answers.

    If that one did not, it was on to the next and the next and the next. We spent our entire life searching for the answers to surviving a violent encounter. Some systems were known as bladed systems, yet we felt insecure about an actual knife attack on the streets. Some systems were known for their footwork and dealing with multiple attackers and yet we felt the uncertainty of dealing with even one attacker. This HONESTY with ourselves, led us to going back to the drawing board.

    We first had to figure out how an attack on the street REALLY went down and — big hint — it does not happen like you train it in class, in the dojo, or in the gym. We spent hours researching surveillance footage and figured the four most common attacks were committed by a knife (or edged weapon), a club (or impact weapon), a punch, or a firearm. Each of those attacks were carefully researched, and we stumbled upon the fact that untrained humans had a tendency to attack in very specific ways regardless where they lived — be it in Europe or Uganda, Baltimore or Bangkok.

    Through our research, we discovered that attacks did not happen like the old masters and modern-day teachers THOUGHT it did because they simply did not have the means or access to the hours of surveillance footage. In many instances the attacks found in dojos and other combatives courses are WAY off.

    If you train the wrong attacks, you come up with the wrong solutions.

    It was back to the drawing board once we isolated the most common type of attacks. Our next step was to comb through all the arts we learned and were certified to teach (not just dabbled in) and figure out the most direct and effective solutions against these common attacks with a cooperative partner. And, finally, we had to figure out a training methodology that would allow a student to progress logically all the while maintain a level of realism that would match the street violence we had seen.

    You see, in many other classes, courses, and seminars, the teacher shows a technique once or twice. Then you might do it in the air a few times. And finally, you might do it slowly with a partner. Then suddenly they have you jump right into full force-on-force or full-contact training, and the student inevitably LOSES. We did not want that from our students, we want success, not failure. So once again we combed through and filtered the best training methods of our arts (over a DOZEN!) and discovered a logical training progression that used the most effective methods of ancient masters of China to modern-day Mixed Martial Arts.

    Because of our unique perspective, unmatched background, thorough research and MOSTLY our insecurities, there is NOTHING like the Tiga Tactics Combatives curriculum when it comes to increasing your odds of surviving a violent encounter. Our training is safe, logical, progressive, (dare we say) fun, and most of all effective.


    YES of course you have to train! Even we have to continuously train to keep our skills sharp. We would be LYING to you if we said all you have to do is watch our program and by some act of the divine, the muscle memory and knowledge is uploaded into your body, like in The Matrix … “Whoa, I know Kung Fu.”

    You will have to train and (luckily) by training you will:
    Get fit: Yes, you will work up a sweat
    • Gain the correct muscle memory to improve your odds of surviving violence
    • Improve your confidence
    • Create stronger bonds with those you train with

    That being said, once you finish our curriculum we recommend that you spend at least 30 minutes a week reviewing the material or you will simply not have the skills to use when the need arises.


    Our past participants have included soccer moms with no martial arts training or an aggressive bone inside them. After going through our course, it was difficult to distinguish them from more experienced martial artists.

    Our program has been scientifically designed to take you by the hand, start you working on the simple basics and progress you in a relaxing and fun manner. If you know your right hand from your left, you will be able to complete our course and improve your odds of surviving a violent encounter.


    That will make this course even easier for you, as you will be familiar with many of the SIMPLE techniques we use. Look, we are never going to criticize training in ANY martial arts because any self-defense training beats sitting on the couch watching reruns of The Simpsons (although The Simpsons is a fun alternative, it will not make you fit or more coordinated to survive a violent encounter). From our research there is NO perfect martial arts and no perfect technique.

    Worse, we discovered the majority of martial arts (yes, even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai) were training street defense all wrong because their founders did not have access to video footage of live attacks to perform a scientific study. Beyond that, many of these systems did not want to cooperate and share the best of their training methods with each other (if something like that even actually happened).

    Well, we did the research (and like SCIENCE, if you watched the same footage and performed the same study, you would come up with the same conclusions), we dug through all our systems (mind you we have obtained instructor and master instructor rankings in all the systems we represent) and we pressure tested the techniques. Next, we had to come up with a logical progression of training to make our students SUCCESSFUL. Did you notice that BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA fighters are so badass? It is NOT the style but the intelligent training these athletes are subjected to. Don’t worry, you don’t have to train that hard to be successful with our program, but we will not discourage you if you feel like going balls-to-the-walls in your training either.

    Lastly, you never have to stop any art you are doing, and we encourage you to continue training in whatever art you love. Tiga Tactics Combatives can be a standalone system and, at the same time, it can be used as a supplemental program within any style.


    Not at all. The only requirement will be to have four working limbs. In fact, our program uses only gross motor movements (the kind of movement that is BEST for defending your life), making this program very EASY to learn.

    Also, the training is progressive so that, as you build the skills, you are also building the muscle memory, the strength, and the endurance necessary to protect yourself.


    We recommend everyone get the OK from their licensed healthcare provider before starting any type of physical activity.


    There is no doubt that size does matter, but make no mistake, with the Tiga Tactics Combatives program even the smallest individual can be dangerous. We will teach you how to weaponize EVERY single pound you possess. With Tiga Tactics Combatives, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is MANY times more important than shear mass.

    Our Chief Training Officer, Dr. Conrad Bui, competes in the featherweight division yet he can (and has) put down guys twice his size.

FAQ Part 2

More Answers to the Most Common Questions


    No, because you are going to get what you pay for.

    First off, few people or even groups of people possess our background and our knowledge. This may sound like we are bragging but remember, it is not bragging if it is TRUE. Not only is the credibility of many of these teachers on YouTube questionable, many of them are simply regurgitating what is floating around out there already.

    Why else do you think they are showing it for free? And, really, do you want to trust your life to the AMATEURS giving out freebies?


    Like we said, you get what you pay for. Here is what you are paying for:

    Professionally Produced: We love to learn, and we have personally bought many of these types of courses! In fact, we may have the same courses you do. We have seen the low production values like filming in the alley where you could barely hear what the teacher was saying. We took it to the studio where we controlled the lighting, the angles and the sound. We show techniques from multiple angles on a plain background so nothing distracts you from learning what you need to. We slowed it down in certain shots. We placed graphics on the screen as markers to emphasis important details. Damn, we feel we deserve an Oscar for what we did but that is NOT all…

    The Logical Technique: The majority of the training out there is old regurgitated stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s — Kenpo, Kung Fu, Aikido, or what have you — in disguise by teachers wearing military outfits and camo. Even modern approaches like Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do are outdated today. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE martial arts. We still train and teach martial arts everyday … but the truth is the old masters never had the advantage of YouTube, surveillance footage, and FBI crime statistics to do their research. Without the data, these masters and teachers could only go off of their own experiences or what was passed down to them from their teacher’s own limited experience.

    As stated before, we spent COUNTLESS HOURS researching live footage of attacks just to figure out how people ambush you on the street, and it was an eye-opener despite our decades of martial arts and combatives training. Once we isolated methods used on the street, we next combed through over 12 different systems that we have instructor rankings in and sifted through literally hundreds (yes HUNDREDS) of techniques acquired over the years.

    Please above for the systems we are certified to teach and the techniques/concepts used to bring Tiga Tactics Combatives to fruition. Although this sounds OUTRAGEOUS (and it IS outrageous considering how many hours of our lives were spent putting together something logical, effective, new and totally unique), the techniques used in Tiga Tactics Combatives are quite SIMPLE.

    And it should be simple because on the street, you will only have control of your gross motor skills.

    Training Progression: The training progression used in your Tiga Tactics Combatives program is meant to BURN the technique into your muscle memory so it will be there for you when “the sh!t hits the fan.” We start out slowly using Tai Chi-like movements to warm you up and allow you to work on the details. From there we progress in a scientific, step-by-step process to working with a partner and eventually going all out with different equipment. By the time you finish our training, you will have a complete workout and self-defense program you can use for the rest of your life, not only to keep fit but to keep yourself and those you love safe.

    Ongoing Support: That’s correct, once you purchase our course, we consider you a part of the Tiga Tactics family and we LOVE family. We have set up a private Facebook group called Team Tiga Tactics. It’s an exclusive place for Tiga Tactics instructors, alumni, and VIPs to ask questions about your training or about self-defense in general. Remember, we are nerds and Average Joes just like you. We are NOT just going to leave you hanging — we want you train, we want you to succeed, we want you to be able to defend yourself and those you love. We’ll be there to give you support, answer your questions and hopefully we can meet you face-to-face at a live seminar one day.


    We encourage you to train with a partner or loved one. Please share away. We only ask that you do NOT make copies of our program to give out to others (or provide your password for our online courses), as this would be the same as stealing. We have spent countless hours training, researching footage, putting the Tiga Tactics program together in a logical and progressive way, filming, editing the footage and getting it to you; we trust you will do the right thing with our efforts.

    If you are a school owner and want to teach this at your school, we would be happy to assist you with our Instructors Training Program once you finish the basic 1.0 courses. Please contact us for more information on how to become a Certified Tiga Tactics Combatives Instructor and implement it into your school in a professional manner.


    Absolutely! We stand behind EVERY inch and every minute of our product. If are you are not happy with our work and our support, we will REFUND your money (minus any shipping and handling fees) after we have received the physical bonus materials back. NO questions asked, and we will still part as friends! We are that confident in how much you are going to keep, use, and appreciate this program.